Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Broke Made My Head Hurt

(Sarah, look. You have to post something. You have 11 followers now! Those people expect you to put out! NO, not like that. You just have to update! It doesn't matter that you've run out of things to say about Los Angeles because you're still in Denver! YOU MUST WRITE OR ELSE THEY WILL STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU. THAT'S HOW THIS WORKS. THIS IS THE BUSINESS YOU ARE WILLINGLY ATTEMPTING TO GET INTO. PLEASE THE MASSES OR THEY WILL ABANDON YOU! WRITE SOMETHING! NOW!!!!!)

Uhh... hi! Hey guys! Here's a post! Look at it! It's even got a youtube video this time (and it is totally rad)!

This is a song I heard the other day for the first time and I love it. Maybe this will be a Friday thing now. Song of the Week!

"Gifted" by N.A.S.A. and featuring Kanye West, Santigold, and Lykke Li

Here's what this video is about:

Two astronaut dudes are going to Mars. They totally crash, and the black guy dies (of course). The white guy starts wandering around Mars and gets totally, totally high (oxygen deprivation?). He starts hallucinating tons of weird shapes and colors and squiggly lines and big naked lady constellations and stuff (he flies through her bellybutton? I don't know).

Then he's like "Wait, I was dreaming!" He sees his other astronaut friend! He's alive! He taps him on the shoulder and AHHHH HE'S JUST A ROTTING CORPSE IN A SPACESUIT. NEVER MIND. He WAS dreaming, but in a bad way!

Then he goes back into psychedelic territory and nothing makes sense anymore, and then it pulls out and reveals that the cartoon astronaut dude is just in some kind of lab where people are monitoring him being high, or something. Maybe it's supposed to be poignant? It's not.

But the song is really good.


  1. Maybe they let Kanye do the storyboard. That guy doesn't need to be high to be completely nuts.

  2. I like the idea of Song of the Week!