Sunday, September 30, 2012

Songs to Listen to While Deep in the Midst of a Top Secret Operation that May or May Not Result in You Getting a Boyfriend

I can’t talk long or give you any details (like the subject line says – top secret) but I’ve been listening to these songs a LOT the last few days and I will be relying heavily upon them in the coming week.

1. Hurricane by MS MR
I jumped the gun
so sure you’d split and run
ready for the worst
before the damage was done

2. Please by Selah Sue (feat. Cee Lo Green)
so please, please, please help me
give me some kind of sign
please, please, please, please, please
I want to be somebody, somebody, I want someone to be mine

3. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
I’m falling for your eyes
but they don’t know me yet

4. Keep You by Wild Belle
I've got a pretty face and I wear a nice dress
why can't I keep you?

5. They Could Be Wrong by Lianne La Havas
the way you smile when I'm speaking
I feel how clearly you see me

6. VCR by The xx
watch things on VCRs
with me and talk about big love
I think we’re superstars
you say you think we are the best thing

7. Little Bit by Lykke Li
hands down
I'm too proud for love
but with eyes shut
it's you I'm thinking of

8. Dead Sea by The Lumineers
like the dead sea, you told me I was like the dead sea
you'll never sink when you are with me
honey can't you see
I was born to be your dead sea

9. Not With Haste by Mumford & Sons
and I will love with urgency
but not with haste



Over and out.


  1. Your originality never ceases to baffle me. I loved this post just for the creativity of it alone.

    Especially the title!

    Good luck with whatever it is you top-secretly may or may not be trying to accomplish!

  2. I love your playlists. Someone should pay you to create them professionally. Cause you're so profesh. And also totes gorge. Just presh! Got to go make some din for the hubs, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...