Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sarah + iPad = True Love

I have an important announcement to make...

I've met someone.

This someone is named iPad Air and we are in love.

I have wanted an iPad since the first one came out, which was my senior year of college. Someone I knew had one and brought it around the SUB and I looked upon it with longing, thinking "someday I will have one of my very own."

But I was always poor, and I could never justify spending that much. Then this month rolled around, and it has literally been The Worst Month Of My Life, Wherein I Have Never Been So Depressed Or Filled With Anxiety, For Reasons That Shall Go Undescribed Here, so I was just like... okay, whatever, iPad, you're coming home with me. I looked up what kind I wanted online (iPad Air, space grey, 16G with wifi and no data) and spent two weeks watching YouTube reviews of the iPad because I was so excited to finally have one. Then, last Friday, with my paycheck newly deposited into my bank account, I walked into the Apple store and walked out with my iPad.

Side note that I found amusing: the Apple store was fairly crowded with mostly... old people. Like, everyone was a grandparent in there, asking the nice young people in the blue shirts things like "so I can download books on this? How do I do that?" Meanwhile I walk in and tell them exactly what I want and they bring it to me, I pay and then leave after a total of like maybe 10 minutes, half of which were spent waiting for someone to be available to talk to me.

Another side note: in case you're an anti-Apple apologist of some sort (like half the dudes I work with, ugh just stop), please understand I did plenty of research on other tablets - specifically the Galaxy Note 10.1, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted an iPad Air because I just didn't like the other one. Sorry, Android freaks, I am perfectly happy with my Tablet For Dummies. And anyway, it wouldn't have been the same satisfaction with any other type of tablet after I spent the last four years daydreaming about having an iPad.

So far, it has been a great success. I am very happy. I have taken it with me everywhere, and I have felt revitalized working on my various writing projects. At work when I'm not busy I can write, on my breaks I can write, I can take my iPad with me more conveniently to coffee shops than I can with my computer... which is what I wanted. I wanted to take away my excuses for not writing. It's no longer inconvenient because now I always have something to write on with me. Yes, I know I could have used a pen and paper, but getting the idea down quickly is a necessity for me, or else I lose it. I don't know if that makes sense, but writing it down physically makes it harder for me to stay interested in it. And it's working, because I have made more actual progress on the novel that I've wanted to write for ages than I've made in the last couple of years combined.

So yes. My iPad and I are in love. Maybe once I've had it a little longer and spent more time enjoying it, I will do a post on the apps I find the most useful (or addicting if it's a game - this stupid Blockheads thing has taken hours of my life from me).

(Watching True Detective. This show is super good and super messed up.)

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