Monday, September 19, 2011

And Then We All Felt Sorry For Sarah


So that happened last week. $68 plus a $2 processing fee to pay online. I already said this on Twitter, but the person who came up with the concept of “processing fees” to pay for things online was clearly not a person at all but in fact one of Satan’s minions, and I’m sure he (or she) got the biggest promotion of all time after that presentation.

This ticket happened because I was parked on the street during the two hour span of time they were supposed to be street sweeping on Thursday morning. Guess what? I thought our street’s day was Tuesday. The other T day. I was mistaken. At least I wasn't alone. My car had a buddy right next to it with an identical piece of paper on the windshield.

Most interestingly, these parking tickets are much nicer than the parking tickets in Denver. They're printed on nicer paper and even have some color! That said, I infinitely prefer getting parking tickets in Denver, because those are only TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. And I can’t be sure since it’s been a while, but I don’t recall a processing fee. Could be wrong there, though. Either way, I'd still rather pay $25 plus a $2 processing fee. I'm no math whiz here but that's still less than SEVENTY.

Denver doesn’t have street sweeping days either. You know why? Because Denver is CLEAN.

CORRECTION 9/25: Denver DOES have street sweeping days. I forgot about that and my friend Jenai reminded me of this. But they're once a month. NOT EVERY WEEK. Therefore I reiterate... LA is nasty and Denver isn't.

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