Friday, September 2, 2011

Hold on to That Feeling

I like sports. Hockey is my favorite, but I really enjoy sports and watching sports in person. Baseball is probably as close to the opposite of hockey as you can get in terms of the speed of the game, and yes, sometimes I find it boring, but in what has been a very long hockey offseason for me as an Avalanche fan (it started back in January), baseball has been a nice little distraction.

Granted, liking the Rockies hasn’t really given me much of a respite from watching a team that loses. But when I moved to LA, I tried to decide I was going to like a baseball team out here, and I couldn’t. If I’m going to become a fan of a sport, I’m going to become a fan of the Colorado team playing that sport, if there is one. That’s just how my brain is wired at this point.

Last Sunday I went to see the Rockies play at Dodger Stadium. Dodger Stadium is possibly the suckiest stadium of all time… not that I’ve been to many. I’ve been to three. Coors Field is, of course, beautiful, because a) you can (clearly) see mountains from it, b) it’s in a really great location in the middle of downtown Denver, and c) it’s in Colorado and is automatically going to be my favorite. I have also been to Petco Park in San Diego, and that ballpark is really nice, too. Good location, pretty views.

Dodger Stadium is on the top of a big hill in the middle of a park. Also, it’s old. Not to be stadium ageist, here, but I thought it showed. Petco Park opened in 2004, Coors Field in 1995. Dodger Stadium opened in 1962. And I mean, yeah, it’s cool that The Beatles played a concert there one time, as they continually reminded us during that game (it was that concert’s 45th anniversary), but The Beatles played a concert at the place where I graduated from high school, so I wasn’t really impressed by that.

The view here would be so awesome if it weren’t for the smog. There are mountains out there, hiding in the brown cloud:

rockies 004

We got there early, so it did fill up a little more than this. (Emphasis on “a little.”)

Okay, enough about how much I didn’t like the stadium, it’s kind of irrelevant anyway and I would really rather not have angry Dodgers fans coming after me if one should stumble upon this post.

The Rockies won 7-6 but the most important thing about this game was that Judge Judy threw out the first pitch.

rockies 030

Here is a picture of one of my two favorite Rockies players, catcher Chris Iannetta, hanging out in the dugout and not playing in this game.

rockies 034

My other favorite Rockie is rookie outfielder Charlie Blackmon, who is currently injured and has been riding around on a scooter because he can’t put weight on his foot. He has a hilarious twitter. Here it is.

Here’s a picture of Mr. Blackmon that I took at the Padres game, where he got his first ever MLB hit.


And now here’s a picture of him being relevant.


Anyway, he wasn’t playing Sunday. He was likely at home, tweeting about his beard and/or sideburns.

The actual best part about this game was the first half of the first inning, where the Rockies scored five runs thanks to the Dodgers’ incompetence. It was hilarious and I learned I enjoy it when the other team’s fans boo my team. (I don’t approve of booing your own team, no matter how sucky they’re playing – many other Avalanche fans disappointed me in this regard last season.)

The Rockies won despite the Dodgers’ comeback attempt, which was nice of them to do. Them winning made the sunburn worthwhile.

Catcher high fives after the win:

rockies 056

Catchers are my favorite. Probably because they remind me of hockey goalies.

And here is Rex Brothers with his Cinderella backpack.

rockies 027

I will leave you with this video. This guy does this at lots of Dodger games, and he was at this one. He was my other other favorite thing about that game.


  1. Well, thank you. Now I miss Coors Field and baseball. Next season I am going to commute to a city that has a team. The end.

  2. Agreed. Made me miss Colorado! But I like it.