Sunday, March 25, 2012

We May Have Lost This Game, But We Still Have Two More Cups Than They Do

So, I went to my eighth Avalanche hockey game of the regular season last night (ninth Avs game total, counting the preseason one in Vegas, and twelfth hockey game total, counting the three I went to in California).

I will now provide a list of the things I enjoyed about this game.

1. The crowd. It was amazing. I have not been to an Avalanche game with a crowd like that in years. Legitimate years. I wasn’t really surprised to see a lot of people there, because they were playing the Vancouver Canucks, a team with a lot of bandwagoners right now on account of them going to the Stanley Cup finals last year. What warmed my heart though was the fact that the nosebleeds were packed – with Avs fans. And the lower levels were packed. With Avs fans. The ratio of Avs fans to Canucks fans was nowhere near embarrassing. It was like old times, it was deafening, and it was seriously beautiful.

2. The Avs got some power plays! Oh, so your team has had some bad officiating recently? Your team has had a bunch of non-calls? I bet that sucks. Does your team have six games this season where they got literally zero power plays? No. Not unless your team is the Avalanche. No other team has more than three games without a single man advantage. So DON’T try to relate to my Ref Rage!!!!!

Seriously, the Avs have not been getting the respect the refs give other teams this season, and it was never as clear as it was in that game recently against the Flames, where Ryan O’Reilly got his freaking nose broken because of an uncalled high stick. We would have gotten a four minute power play (because when there’s a serious injury and/or blood on a penalty, you get two minor penalties instead of just one) and we could potentially have won that game in regulation. But no. Nothing. And we had to win it in overtime. So the Flames still got a point. I’m (quite obviously and, in my [correct] opinion, justifiably) still angry about it. But the point is, we got a lot of power plays in this game, and guess what? We scored on two of them. So at least we know our power play unit still functions correctly.

3. Beforehand, I got to go to a wine tasting. And there was also some food there. This is because I was an attendee at this event:


Before you ask, no, I did not actually wear heels. Why would anyone wear heels to a hockey game? You could die walking on the steep stairs in that arena if you had heels on. (Sorry this picture sucks so bad, the lighting in the nosebleeds is not the greatest and Instagram can only do so much.)

Really though, the wine I had was great. It was a white wine and I forget what it was called, which is really upsetting me at the moment. I also met some awesome lady fans and hung out with them for a bit, and they told me it was a good thing I was nice, because before we were introduced they were discussing how they could best mug me and steal my jersey. (Which, admittedly, is awesome.) The entire event was on the club level of the Pepsi Center, and I’m pretty sure I could live there. I mean… look at this view:


And from the other side of the balcony:


Zero complaints. Oh, I also almost won a zamboni ride in a raffle. If I had been two people behind in line, I would have gotten it. And I should have mentioned that I also had a chance to get my picture taken with Erik Johnson, but I didn’t. Because… well. Um. This is awkward. I mean, I like Erik Johnson and all. As a player. And I wish he wasn’t injured right now. But. Yeeeeah.

4. I got on the jumbotron during warmups. Okay, let me just tell you something. Being on the jumbotron is awesome when you are trying to get on the jumbotron. When you are just standing there trying to watch warmups and take pictures and suddenly someone tells you you’re up there, it is really uncomfortable. And weird. And actually awkward. “Awkward” is an overused word. I’ve already used it too many times in this post. But it’s very appropriate right now. After the girl in front of me told me I was up there, I looked, I turned and smiled and waved, and then I tried to get on with my life… but I was still up there. And then I was still up there. And then… I was still up there. And I was like, really camera guy? Really, producers of in-game entertainment? Really? REALLY? Can you not see that I am DONE with being on the jumbotron? Anyway. That happened, and I got a paragraph out of it for my blog, so.

5. Semyon Varlamov got an assist. Varly is the goalie. It was awesome.

6. There were Mini Mites in my section! Mini Mites are the little kid hockey players they sometimes get to play during the intermissions. One kid was getting grilled by a non-Mite friend after his adventure during the first intermission and he was asking him about the “puppy” down on the ice with them – i.e. Bernie, the St. Bernard mascot. It was so great. They are adorable. They also all fell asleep before the third period started.

7. I got a free mousepad on the way out. Yes, people still use those. “People” being me. And I really needed a new one.

And now, the things I did not like about this game:

1. They lost. Blurgh.

2. It went into overtime. I have gone to five games this year that went into overtime. FIVE. Five is a LOT. Five is TOO MANY. I am SICK of overtime games. I’m also pressed because this is the first OT game I saw them lose in person, and just. Blurgh. We still got a point, though, so that’s important. We’re not going to make the playoffs, but still. At least we can pretend. But it’s frustrating that the Avs always seem to lose in front of really great crowds like that. Seriously, it felt like a playoff game in there, and it was brutal watching that Canucks goal happen in OT. It was like the entire building deflated.

3. Everyone around me was dumb. The guys on my right were talking about food literally the entire game, the couple on my left apparently didn’t know that much about hockey or just didn’t care, because they didn’t cheer for anything that happened, and the guy behind me just kept screaming about beer. “How do they keep it frozen down there when it’s so WARM in here?!” said the beer guy. He also thought they were going into overtime after the second period, I guess because he hasn’t seen the new NHL playoffs ad that informs you that hockey games have two halftimes.

Anyway… in the end, it was definitely one of the more memorable Avs games I’ve gone to. And now I can officially say I’ve gone to see the Avs play every team in their division. Took me a really long time to get Vancouver in there, but for a long time Avs/Canucks tickets were really expensive because of how heated the rivalry used to be.

Finally, here are a few warmup pictures.





I love when I accidentally get the puck in there.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

May the Green Food You Eat Today Taste Just Like Regular Food

My original title for this post was “Running Tips You Won't Get On a Legitimate Running People Might Not Have Told You” but then a) they aren’t just running tips and b) that is not a correct sentence. And probably c) ha like I’m at all qualified to be giving advice on this topic.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to work out more these days, especially now that the weather has been so beautiful in Colorado (and I have to balance this cupcake addiction somehow – more on this later). I’ve been more or less sticking to this schedule for beginning runners, and I’ve been surprised to find myself almost enjoying it. As such, I have some personal tips if you, my theoretical reader, decide to take up running/working out more often. These are things that I have found to be relevant to my life through this process, and most of them are things I didn't know beforehand. So here you go.

1. CHAPSTICK. Seriously. Wear chapstick. If you don't, your lips will become a sort of weird medium between wet and dry that results in them sticking together and making you hate everything and everyone. I cannot stress this enough. And if you're going outside when it's sunny, make sure it has sunscreen in it.

2. Don't be afraid to spit. You know when you see athletes on TV spitting, and you're like, "that's revolting, don’t they know they’re on TV"? Well, go running for a while when it's hot out and try not to get the urge to spit out all the warm saliva that accumulates in your mouth and refuses to be swallowed.

3. Make sure your underwear is not inside out. If it is, you will be digging a wedgie out every 20 steps. I learned this one yesterday.

4. Care more about comfortable footwear than about a potential farmer's tan. The other day I tried wearing these old sandal tennis shoes I got forever ago and got a thousand blisters on my feet. And I wasn't even running that day. So, just suck it up and wear tennis shoes with some socks. (You know, unless you found some workout sandals that are comfy and don’t give you blisters. Then go for it. I’m not here to tell you what to do.)


An example of comfortable shoes.

5. If you don't feel like working out... don't. For real. My rule for myself has become try not to go more than a day without working out – and this method works pretty handily in alleviating any guilt I might have previously felt for not doing anything. This way, I can be like, "I don't want to today, but it's okay, because I worked out yesterday and I'll work out tomorrow." And then I actually do go work out the next day. The nice thing about this is that even if you end up taking every other day off, you're still working out a lot. And if you are a lazy bum like me (I literally go running in my neighborhood because I am too lazy to drive to the rec center), that will make you feel great about yourself.

6. Don't go running when it's snowing. Let's just say that snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes are highly overrated. And if you must go running when it's cold, wear gloves.

7. If you are a lady: seriously, wear a bra that is made for working out. THIS MATTERS. A LOT. Especially if you are, shall we say, packing heat in the lady lumps department. It is worth it to spend the dough on a bra that actually supports you. The other day, I went running in one of my more supportive regular bras and well, saying I wanted to die would be understating the situation. Just buy a sports bra. Go get measured if you don't know what size you are and then order one from a site like this. That's what I did. (Um… is this a #humblebrag? Whatever. I could write a whole post about how inconvenient big boobs can be, so don’t start with me.)

8. Don’t wear glasses unless they’re sunglasses. I wear glasses to see things, but since I got contacts recently I have loved being able to go running without having to worry about them sliding down the slip n’ slide my sweaty nose creates for them. The sunglasses I have that I got at Forever 21 for like $6 are much lighter weight and therefore have an easier time staying where they’re supposed to be. If you wear glasses and don’t have contacts… I guess go to the gym or rec center and find a treadmill, so you don’t have to worry about being blind while you run.

9. Don’t try to do pilates or yoga without a mat. Because you will bruise your tailbone and your butt will not let you forget it and it will hurt to do seriously everything.

10. Music. Obviously this is just a personal recommendation. Probably not everyone wants to listen to music while they’re working out, but it’s clear that the people who don’t are pretty weird. I make a workout playlist on my iPod that is much longer than my workout and then put it on shuffle, so that adds some variety. And I choose my music based on how easy it is to imagine myself in some kind of intense montage in a movie about regular joe athletes becoming more and more awesome. Or maybe I’m running away from some Daleks who are trying to take over the world, or running after the Cybermen who have captured the love of my life in order to strip him of all his emotions and turn him into a heartless robot. Or… well, you get the idea. I get really bored when I’m exercising if I can’t think up an awesome scenario for me to be in while I’m doing it. Music helps a lot.

And now, to completely contradict and negate the entire thing I just wrote about working out, here are some pictures of the cupcakes I’m eating today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.



Red Velvet with special Irish flag frosting.


Grasshopper, which is minty and therefore already green and not in need of any alterations.

Hahaha what do you mean they look kind of smushed and messed up? Surely you aren’t implying I dropped the Gigi’s box while I was walking up the stairs? I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever do such a thing. (WHATEVER. A MESSED UP CUPCAKE STILL TASTES LIKE A CUPCAKE!!!!!)

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy St. Patrick’s Day. I am planning to celebrate it by watching some Irish dudes play hockey in New York. (Let's see, we've got Ryan O’Reilly, Shane O’Brien, and Ryan O’Byrne, as well as Jay McClement, Cody McLeod, and Jamie McGinn.) I will leave you now with my favorite NHL commercial of all time, which is only relevant one day of the year – and that is today.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Life After My Feminist Awakening

I’ve been blogging for a long time. Since I was 14, actually. My original blog, the high school one, is long gone – I think I have some of the posts saved somewhere on my hard drive, but I have very (very, very, verrrrrrrrrrry) little desire to revisit those. But the one I wrote on all through college (2006-2010) is still around, and today I was inspired to scroll through it. It’s private now, and I’d completely forgotten it was still there, and that I’d written some actually good stuff on it.

I’m not sure how many of those posts I’ll feel like bringing over here, but I really like this one, originally written on October 13, 2010.

While I decided within the last year to make feminism a regular factor in my life, the roots of it took hold a long, long time ago. As early as preschool, actually.

I remember this moment vividly, which is strange because I had to have been three or four at the time. It was during nap time, when I and a couple other kids weren't sleeping. This one kid, we'll call him Jamie because I can't remember his name, was lying down underneath a pink blanket, and this girl, we'll call her Cami, because I can't remember her real name either (thought it probably was Cami because I feel like I knew tons of girls named Cami back then), was sitting there next to him. I guess they were friends. I was being the little weirdo nearby, because as far as I can recall, I wasn't friends with either of these kids for any period of time. Fortunately, we were little kids, so nobody knew the difference.

Anyway, I remember at the time finding it weird that Jamie chose to nap under a pink blanket, because as EVERYONE knew, pink was for girls, and blue was for boys. Common knowledge, right? I never remember consciously being told this, so it must have been ingrained in me by society, on TV or by the way my parents dressed me and my sister or a number of other outside influences.

Since I was three (or four) and lacked social graces of any kind, I decided to point this out to John and Cami. "Why is he using a pink blanket?"

Jamie ignored me, on account of his being asleep. "Pink is his favorite color," Cami said.

"But pink is for girls," I said.

And - bless her heart – Cami, same age as me, all of three, or four years old, replied, "Boys can like pink if they want. Jamie’s favorite color is pink and my favorite color is blue. Everyone can like whatever color they want."

This, honest to goodness, revolutionized my little preschooler mind. I could like whatever color I wanted! I could like BLUE! I could like purple or green or red or orange or yellow or even pink! Any of them, any old color I felt like! It could be my favorite color, and no one would come in and tell me "No no. You must like pink because you are a girl."

Granted, it was helpful to like pink, since everything for girls came in pink, but it didn't matter. It was like a whole new world opened up where I didn't have to be confined into a little box where I was only allowed to like the color society arbitrarily assigned to my gender.

Naturally, as a kid in preschool, I didn't associate this with feminism at all, but I grew up knowing that I didn't have to be girly all the time if I didn't want to. I don't know if I should attribute that aspect of my personality to that conversation with Cami about Jamie's blanket, but I wouldn't be very surprised if that played a big part. To this day I generally avoid straight up pink stuff – darker pinks are more acceptable to me, but if I'm wearing it I like it to be more of an accent than the main color of the outfit. And to this day I despise all of that Pink brand stuff at Victoria's Secret (and pretty much everything else at Victoria's Secret).

The only time I remember consciously trying to squeeze into that "girly" mold was when I got to college and everyone in my dorm was obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I got caught up on it and tried to care past the first two seasons and it didn't work. That's probably more because the show just went to crap after that and not because I was trying to be a rebel about it, but the point remains. It didn't interest me.

My actual feminist awakening – which I classify as the time I finally realized that I was a feminist, and there was nothing dirty about calling myself one – was the summer before my senior year of college, which I spent hanging out with one of my best and dearest friends, Elizabeth, who had already gone through her own feminist awakening and talked to me about things. Things like rape culture and the importance of comprehensive sex education. And I realized, for the first time, that these things aren't just out there, affecting other people... these are big deals. These things come into my life and affect me, unfortunately on a regular basis now that I'm working a lot.

And you know what? It sucks. It SUCKS! Being a feminist sucks. Once your eyes are opened to this stuff, they stay open. Like when you're at the movies, and you're enjoying it, and then suddenly you start to hear the guy right behind you chewing his popcorn at top volume. And you think, "wow, I really wish I hadn't noticed that, because now it's all I can think about." That's what being a feminist is like.

Ignorance is bliss. When you're ignorant to it, you don't feel convicted to do anything about it. I see this most when it comes to television Рit's so hard to ignore it when I'm seeing destructive attitudes being promoted on shows I used to really love. For example, my feminism has pretty much destroyed any enjoyment I used to have in watching Chuck. Do we really need a slow motion shot of Sarah getting dressed in every single episode? Do we really need such an obvious display of the male gaze? First of all, it's insulting to a character who already barely has any personality or interests outside of her job and her boyfriend (who pretty much is her job). But second of all, it more or less discounts me as a valid viewer of the show, because it's catering so heavily to the dudes. It's not just Sarah they do this to Рevery hot female guest star gets the slo-mo wind treatment. Not even Ellie, Chuck's awesome sister, is completely immune. It started out as making fun of a clich̩, but I think that here in the fourth season, they've made whatever point they thought that was making. Now it's gratuitous objectification that's seriously making me consider giving up watching. (Note as of 3/16/12: I did give it up. No regrets.)

There's hope, though! A great counter example to this is Olivia Dunham on Fringe. Fringe is a great show, and Olivia is a fantastically awesome character who is a bit work-obsessed but she's also smart and completely kick-ass. This show, weirdly, treats her like she's a person who is allowed to exist as a person and not as a sexual object who idly bounces around in bikinis while a fan gently blows her hair.

While examples of sexism are more readily available in TV and media in general, it does come up in daily life. It can be more subtle there, and I tend to have slower reactions to it because I'd rather avoid conflict with people who may or may not be co-workers/friends/friends of friends, but it does happen. That sucks more, because in the instances that I do speak up about it, inevitably I am the buzzkill, the bitch, the rain on the parade. But if that's the price to pay to make people more aware of things like rape culture, so be it. This stuff is real, and it is a problem that affects real people, and it's becoming more and more difficult for me to let things slide.

Last thing I'd like to point out: feminism does NOT, as I heard in a sermon podcast I listened to this past week, teach that women are superior to men. Feminism is about equality. Feminism is against holding one gender up as better than the other. Men can be feminists. Sexism hurts men, too – maybe not as systematically and frequently as it hurts women, but there are plenty of ridiculously impossible standards and stereotypes set out for men out there, too. This is a movement that everybody can get behind.

Mostly because, to me, it's common sense: we're all human beings who were created in the image of God. Period. That's something that makes us all equal and worthy of respect. Period.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Music Recommendation – Dark River: Songs of the Civil War Era

So, here’s something 100% awesome.


I found it completely by accident. The whole thing is on Spotify and I love it. It’s sort of folksy-country in genre, which is what I find myself more and more into lately (on that front, if you have anything to recommend, you are required to share. REQUIRED).

I think my favorite song on there is Colorado Trail by Eliza Gilkyson (reasons should be clear from the song title), but I can’t find it on youtube. So just go look it up on Spotify if you find yourself interested. And if you like what you hear, definitely check out the other work by these artists. I’m really loving Erin Ivey in particular.

Meanwhile, here’s one of the other excellent songs on this beautiful album.

Some seriously good tunes come out of Austin, Texas.

P.S. Yes. I changed my layout. I hope the change isn’t too jarring for the many multitudes of people that read my blog. (I know you’re there, stalkers.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Future NBA Lottery Pick

I promised more of everybody’s favorite curly haired dynamo a little while back, so here he is, showing off his mad Wii basketball skillz.

He also happens to be an excellent football player.





And he definitely has a future as a model for Baby Gap.





Lookin’ real good, Jack!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Report: Partials by Dan Wells

One of my goals this year is to read 50 books, and so far I’ve gotten six read. Not too shabby. Probably should be more, considering how much free time I have, but whatever.


Partials by Dan Wells (click here for the page) is a new book that just came out last week and it’s pretty much Battlestar Galatica meets Children of Men but isn’t as good as either. And it’s too long. It’s WAY, way too long. That makes me sound dumb, but full disclosure, I finished Deathly Hallows within 24 hours of it being released, and that book is 759 pages. (I know that because I just got up and looked, not because I have that number memorized.) I am not afraid of a long book.

The reason Partials is too long at 468 pages is because it feels too long. There were entire chapters that I skimmed because they literally consisted of the main character rehashing everything she just learned in the previous chapter for other characters who weren’t there to learn it with her. Every important point was repeated about twelve times for every different character, sometimes verbatim. Where were you on that, editor I assume this book had?

It got a lot better in the second half – mostly because Kira got away from her irritating boyfriend (whom I did not care for at all personality-wise, I found him to be the embodiment of an author trying way too hard to throw in some comic relief) and started being a badass. But overall, I thought many of the character interactions were unrealistic and the scenarios even more so. Kira is doing research to find a cure for the virus that wiped out most of humanity and she finds it within, like, a month. She’s 16. Nobody had EVER thought to try what she tried before? Not in 11 years of them dealing with this…? Yeah right.

If you’re going to try and rip off a couple of ridiculously well made and well known pieces of pop culture, you have to at least do them justice.

Something I’ve been wondering about since I read this… characters constantly refer to annoying people as “blowholes.” I… have never heard this before. I realize that this book is set in the future, in the 2070s I think, and maybe this is what is supposed to pass for the evolution of slang, but um. I did not like it. It was stupid. But is that a thing that I’ve just never heard before?

And someone used the word “weirdball” in serious conversation. Pretty weirdball.

I’m also taking points off for the extensive conversation some people have early on about how pointless hockey was back in the day when they had electricity. An entire room where they keep it cold enough for an ICE RINK to exist?!?!!?? Maybe this was the author’s homage to the sport but since every other character seemed to think it was the stupidest idea ever and omg our ancestors were like, so dumb for doing that, what a waste of energy, I was annoyed.

All that said, I’m probably going to read any sequels this book is going to have, because I like dystopian stories about robots. I’m pretty easy to please that way. I do think the story will get better from here on out.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why You Gotta Do Me Like That

Avs… really?

I write that nice post about how much I love you and then you go and lose the next two games like you all just got called up from the ECHL.

Not even the AHL. The ECHL. THE ECHL.

I have been so upset and distressed by these past two games that last night I dreamed about them all night, slept fitfully (obviously), and woke up at 6:30 feeling wide awake. (My alarm was set for 7:30, so that was horrible.) These weren’t “isn’t he dreamy” dreams. This was me sitting down and talking to Joe Sacco on how to fix them and having him tell me, “well, at least they have nice personalities.”

(There was also a long segment involving Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets cooking dinner with my sister, with whom he apparently went to elementary school and was her long lost best friend she just forgot to tell me about. Which is not true, at all. I remain unsure how that fits in.)


It took us a little longer to start ruining your life this season but we’re still going to manage it!

The worst aspect of sports fandom is how those who participate in it are so irrevocably invested in something they literally have zero control over (except Leafs fans. Apparently if they boo their coach enough, he’ll get fired). The Avs pissed me off so much in that Jackets game I went to (where they got shut out BY THE LAST PLACE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE) that afterwards, I felt like I’d just had a big fight with my boyfriend that ended with one of us sleeping on the couch or even threatening to move out. (I mean, I never would, but… people say things when they’re angry.)

I felt like I didn’t recognize a single player wearing an Avs jersey that night. They were slightly more themselves in the game against the Penguins (where they at least scored a goal – Matt Hunwick, I take back everything I’ve ever said), but it was still brutal. The team that played the last two games is not the team I wrote that glowing post about. That post was about a team that wants to be in the playoffs so bad it hurts – the team from the last two games is made up of a bunch of minor leaguers who barely know how to tie their skates.

Logic and sanity says: it’s just two games. Every team loses games, and there’s no shame in that (unless it’s to the Blue Jackets). But no one has ever made the mistake of believing there’s anything logical or sane about being a sports fan, and while I know this isn’t the end of the world… it still feels like it, a little bit. A tiny little bit. The standings are so close in the NHL that every loss at this point is devastating. If this stupid team decides to go on a losing streak right now, they will be kicking themselves out of the playoffs. And that is not supposed to happen.

There’s another game tonight in Minnesota. If they lose, they’re pretty much screwed. Avs, please: play like you deserve to be here.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

So, Why’d You Move Back to Colorado, Again?

Oh, I don’t know…



Your guess is as good as mine.

Happy 3-03 Day to my Colorado friends, and to all the people who wish they lived here (so, everyone).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I’ve Heard People Like Posts Like This One

Tonight, I’m going to another Avs game, so you can expect yet another post about one of those in the near future. In the meantime, I thought maybe there was one person on the entirety of the internet might be 1% curious about what I wear when I go to these. And if there is one person on the internet who wants to know, well, they deserve to know.

That’s what I’m all about, man… bringing important information to the masses.

First, and most importantly, the jersey.

outfitz 001

Unfortunately, you have to add the cat hair yourself.

Without a doubt, my hockey jerseys are my most favorite items of clothing. This one is my Duchene jersey, and I’m wearing it because this is the first time I’ll get to see him play in person since he came back from the injury that had him out for about a month and a half. Sometimes I wear my O’Reilly jersey, which is my newest one that I got for Christmas this year. My other two jerseys are Peter Forsberg and Dan Hinote. I don’t wear those two as much, just because they’re the old style and are less comfortable to me, but the Dan Hinote one went with me to Military Appreciation Night, on account of him being American and having gone to West Point.

It gets cold in the Pepsi Center, since, you know, there’s a big slab of ice in the middle of the room, so underneath the jersey, I wear a nice long sleeve shirt like this one:

outfitz 002

Super stylish. Too bad no one will see it.

I’m not taking a picture of my jeans because they’re jeans. I trust you know what jeans look like.

The shoes. Very important to wear shoes.

outfitz 004

I wear these boots because I love them, and also because you never know when you’re going to have to kick a Red Wings fan. Yes, we’re playing the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight, but the last time I was at a game it was against the Carolina Hurricanes, and I saw a guy in a Pavel Datsyuk jersey. (I did not kick him but I will admit to fantasizing about it a little bit.)

Finally, the purse.

outfitz 005

I know you are probably jealous of this incredibly fashionable accessory. It’s black, first of all, so it matches my shoes, which is something you’re supposed to do when you care about your clothes (I think). I also enjoy that it has a lot of pockets, and it’s big enough to fit a book inside. (The book is for the train ride there. I don’t read books during games.)

All right, here’s our outfit summary:
Colorado Avalanche jersey: Pepsi Center store, $175 (it was on sale at the last game of last season, normally they’re $200) (I feel the need to clarify that I had a job back then)
Stripey shirt: Old Navy, maybe like $15
Jeans: Gap, I forget (but my mom probably bought them for me because I’m poor now)
Boots: Target, I forget (my mom definitely bought them for me)
Purse: Target, I forget (because it was like three years ago that I got it)

Alright, I’ve gotta go put these clothes on now and go to the game. BYE.