Saturday, February 1, 2014


I love her. I LOVE HER. Look at this weird ass video.

The first lines are literally about how she thinks people are boring. You're boring. What you say about her is boring, what you say about her music is boring, she's just super bored. And then she says "Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, killin' it/ Never not chasing a million things I want." She's doing what she wants and she's doing it for herself. And then she goes out and makes a video where she stands there creepily looking at you with dark lipstick on and just says "Yeah." Because she can. And every thing you say about her being a freak or whatever just proves her point.

I love her. I find it so refreshing and interesting that she is only 17 and making music like this, which to me is incredibly wise. She writes about what it's like to be young in such a different way. I was discussing this with one of my friends and we decided she is essentially the "anti-Taylor Swift," which I do not mean in a bad way because I also listen to Taylor with some frequency. I just think Lorde has a different approach to it, and that she is probably at least somewhat more self-aware than other people tackling the subject of what it's like to be young. Taylor tends to focus on things like falling in love and getting your heart broken, and in my opinion she does so in very delicate and insightful ways. But where that is the standard and expected set of topics for music by and for teenage girls, Lorde goes a different direction and writes about being weird and alienated and rising above that. She also covers topics such as society's obsession with violence, becoming famous at a young age, and trying to reconcile the reality of your life with what society tells you is normal.

I wish I had had someone like her to listen to in high school (I'm going to try not to think about how old Lorde was when I was in high school) (she was like 7). I have honestly never wrestled TOO much with other people's opinions of me, because for the most part I really do not care, and even in high school my "do what makes you happy, screw what other people think" philosophy that I live by now was taking root. But everyone has their moments of weakness, and it would have been so comforting to listen to someone else my age sing about the same defiance I tried to feel and express every day. Lorde speaks to my inner sixteen year old as much as she speaks to me at 26, and I love that ability of her music to transcend.

She's coming to Denver in March, and I'm planning on doing whatever it takes to get a ticket to that show. That is my level of obsession - I am willing to pay above regular price on StubHub for that ticket because the show sold out months ago. But I don't care. It has been a long time since I listened to an album so much I learned the words to every song. The last time I did that was probably... um, actually I think it was Taylor Swift's Red. So again, in case it needs to be reiterated, I'm not in any way trying to pit these two ladies against each other. I love listening to them both. But Pure Heroine is the album on repeat in my car right now.

I will end this post with this link this awesome interview with Lorde that really made me love her, Ella, the actual person, as much as I love her music, and also this cool remix of my favorite song by her:

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