Sunday, February 11, 2018


Straight up, I forgot about this blog. Or - I remembered I had a blog, I still understood the concept of "blogs" but thought my login was long lost. But turns out, it wasn't. It was here all along. Thank you, Facebook memories, for bringing me back. I guess.

Why am I writing this post? Who knows? It has been almost four years since I wrote anything on here. No one is going to read it. Here I am again, shouting into the void. I am 30 now, and the world is falling apart, so I feel like I do that a lot already.

The last thing I had written on here was a saved draft with the title "The Transformative Experience of Jane Eyre" and nothing else, in November of 2014. I don't know what I was going to write in that post. I don't think I knew then either, which is presumably why it was an blank draft.  That is my favorite book though, and I guess that is when I had read it for the first time. It's very hard to say anything new about a book that came out in 1847. It is a very beautiful book, and it is about a woman who grows into herself and goes after what she wants, which is a journey I relate to. I am most likely getting a tattoo related to this book before 2018 is over - the quote "It was my time to assume ascendancy" will never leave me, so I may as well put it on my skin. I am planning to put a lot of things I love on my skin this year.

I am writing a lot for a person who has nothing to say! Well, let's see: my blog died, my youtube channel died, my twitter died (more or less), all because the internet became... I don't know, really just kind of terrifying and awful instead of fun. It wasn't the refuge it used to be for me, so I retreated into something I had always wanted to enjoy but for some reason never had. That thing is console video games. That is where I have been spending a majority of the last three and a half years. Or at least the last couple. I can't remember exact timelines on this. And no I am not joking. Will I start writing about that here? No one knows. Probably not. More likely this blog will go another four years before I update again. Maybe by then we will have a new president. Or maybe King T****'s cronies will have completed their government takeover and the internet will consist of only his twitter account and a 24/7 stream of Fox and Friends. Or maybe we will all be dead or dying in a nuclear wasteland and we won't have to worry about it. Ha ha! See? I'm still funny, I still make jokes.

I noticed I had a post on here about a guy. Lolololol. I mean, no shade to my former self. I know that was all very hard and crappy. But......... girl. I should have learned long ago not to devote any creative energy to a man, no matter how poetic I think I sound. It is always embarrassing later. Anyway, that post is now removed, because that guy was a complete shithead. He has also been removed. (From my life, I mean.) Maybe my past self would be indignant about ~memories~ being ~erased~ and ~my feelings were valid how dare you~ but do we really need to dedicate any more internet space to that dude? The answer is no. He doesn't deserve it! No. Let him be obliterated. Let all men be obliterated. Delete your account, men.

Who was even reading this to begin with? I can't remember anything about what I was doing with this blog at all. Maybe I was always just shouting into the void. Hello, void. Let me know if you're caught up on Westworld, maybe we can talk about that when it comes back.